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formerly Guerrero; born April 16, 1968) is an American professional wrestling personality and medical administrator.

In early 2008, she formed La Familia with her nephew Chavo, Edge, the team of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, and later, Bam Neely.

One of her first acts as part of the new group was to help Chavo win the ECW Championship from CM Punk.

The side facing west (away from the city) is called the "field side", the side facing the city the "city side".

Instead, there was once a so-called "pipe organ" at this location, with individual bars which could be lowered separately rather than together as a set.

On the May 2 Smack Down, she stripped The Undertaker of his championship after deciding that his new gogoplata (dubbed Hell's Gate) submission hold was too dangerous and made a match between The Undertaker and Edge for the vacant title with the stipulation that Undertaker would be banished from WWE if he lost.

Following interference, Edge won the match and Vickie 'banished' Undertaker.

The loopholes and the openings of the gun chambers are directed toward the field side.

This inscription is also from 1871 and is a shortened form of the text which had previously been on the (not preserved) foregate: "Concordia domi et pax foris sane res est omnium pulcherrima" ("Harmony within and peace without are indeed the greatest good of all"; see "Outer Holsten Gate" below).

Known for its two-round towers and arched entrance, it is regarded today as a symbol of the city.

The reasoning during construction may have been to be able to quickly destroy the gate from the city side in an emergency, so that it would not fall into enemy hands as a bulwark.

However, Edge lost his title shortly afterwards to CM Punk.

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