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Contact the "breach" company: That means contact the company whose data was breached. What are they going to do, and if they have any instructions of what to do next. I would wait - the reason being is every single event and the extent of the damages should be included in the police report.6. Document everything you do and everyone you talk to.8.

Find out from the company what information was stolen. Get a copy of your credit report to see if something unusual is on your credit and include that in your police report and FTC report.9.

Nearly half of security leaders believe a major security breach will happen in the future, yet the post-breach plan that IT decision makers have in mind is fundamentally flawed. These plans are reactive when they should be proactive...

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The most important step to take after a data breach is... Engineers can use forensics to analyze traffic and instantly determine the root cause of an event, entirely removing guesswork and problem reproduction from the equation.

Effective forensics provide these four key capabilities: Perhaps most importantly, forensics solutions capture data 24/7 and automatically analyze all data collected in real time, which means all the data you need for analysis is available at a moment's notice.

Whether the problem with your mission-critical app is across the room or across the world, forensics gives you immediate access to the most detailed analytics available to get to the root cause of an issue.

Andrew Avanessian is the Executive Vice President of Consultancy and Technology of Avecto, a security software company that sees security as an enabler.

Oleksandr Maidaniuk is the Head of Quality Assurance Solutions of Ciklum Interactive Solutions with rich experience of dealing with various types of software solutions including client-server enterprise applications, real-time systems and educational desktop software.

He has a strong background in such testing methodologies as Agile model and V-model and is especially capable in analysis of business requirements and test planning.

Implementing these proactive technologies is crucial, but organizations must ensure they do not come at the expense of worker productivity.

It's a difficult balance to strike - the Internet ultimately creates a gateway for malware to enter organizations, yet users require constant connectivity to do their jobs.

Robert Ellis Smith is the leading expert on the right to privacy in the U. and the Publisher of Privacy Journal, the most authoritative publication in the world on the individual's right to privacy.

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