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The most important step to take after a data breach is... Engineers can use forensics to analyze traffic and instantly determine the root cause of an event, entirely removing guesswork and problem reproduction from the equation.

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For instance, while perimeter technologies like firewalls can prevent against certain types of external attack, it cannot block malware that has already found its way onto endpoints within an organization.

Organizations should instead create a multi-layered strategy that incorporates solutions like patching, application whitelisting and privilege management, which will help limit the pathways for malware to obtain sensitive data.

When it comes to the most important next step you should take following a data breach, the simple answer is...

Once you understand the forensics you need to communicate the facts:@Pinkerton Stephen Ward is the Vice President of East Coast USA of Pinkerton, an international leader in operational risk management services and security, and has more than 20 years of experience on computer forensic intelligence and corporate intelligence.

His expertise is in applying wide range of software testing methods and test design techniques (static and dynamic: structure-, experience-, specification-based).

The key step to manage the data breach if it already took place is...

Here is where solutions like sandboxing come into play, isolating Web browser threats behind the scenes, while employees are able to work freely and without compromising the [email protected] Jason Maloni is the Senior Vice President & Chair of the Litigation Practice of LEVICK and is a seasoned crisis communications professional who has been at the center of some of the most complex and challenging reputational issues and business disputes of our day. Maloni managed the LEVICK team in its work on behalf of Heartland Payment Systems.

Heartland was at the center of what was then the world's largest data breach. Maloni has deep experience on a variety of high-profile issues ranging from cybersecurity and data breaches, to product recalls and white collar criminal matters.

Nearly half of security leaders believe a major security breach will happen in the future, yet the post-breach plan that IT decision makers have in mind is fundamentally flawed. These plans are reactive when they should be proactive...

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