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But to get frisky she likes two or three glasses of wine because, she says, it shuts up her self-consciousness and resistance and the other things that get in the way. My sober wife doesn’t want to be touched and just wants the deed done as quickly as possible.

Maybe more sex therapy could help, but who has time for appointments with three young kids and jobs? Dear Glass, Those are some loaded questions: Is it a problem that your wife has to get intoxicated to enjoy sex with you, or should you be delighted she’s willing to get intoxicated to have sex with you?

That is, her domestic life has subsumed her erotic life, and instead of sex being a release, it just feels like another obligation.

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Then he runs out and we’re back to normal for a few weeks.

When I tell him this is undermining our marriage, he says I'm overreacting. Dear Low, Given my answer to the first letter, thank you for this opportunity to address the dark side of our country’s overdue move to decriminalize and legalize marijuana.

I think you need to get to the primary source of your wife’s resistance.

Is it more that she lies there thinking: “I’ve got to make appointments for the kids’ vaccinations tomorrow. Olivia has a recital Thursday afternoon, so I have to arrange to leave work early …”?

For another, you two can explore the new world of legal marijuana.

To get aroused your wife has to shut off the competing voices in her head. Because this letting go will be somewhat subversive, I hope it gets you two laughing your heads off and tearing your clothes off.

He can start by looking into Marijuana Anonymous, an organization that should get increasingly popular in the coming years.

Dear Prudence, I’m the older brother of a sister "Anne," who graduated from college last June. However, she is extremely sensitive about the fact that while I went to an Ivy League school, she went to a good but less "prestigious" college than I did.

If you were to substitute “alcohol” for “pot” in your letter, you would clearly see your husband has a problem.

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