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Your husband’s marijuana use is sabotaging your marriage and surely will have deleterious effects on other parts of his life.It’s time you have a blunt talk and tell him he needs help, or else you’re going to have to rethink your life together.

I have suggested scheduling sex, which doesn’t sound sexy, but having sex turns out to be more sexy than not having it.

In most of these cases, though, the partners have established that they enjoy each other in bed—they’re just not getting there often enough.

Dear Prudence, My wife and I have been happily married for more than a decade. I enjoy sex with my intoxicated wife, but I don’t love that she needs to be several sheets to the wind to get in between the sheets.

We saw a therapist together for a couple of years; my wife wasn’t interested in sex, and I was. Then, a column of yours from a year or so ago got us even further ahead: You advised a woman to schedule a weekly sex date with her husband and hoped both of them came to look forward to it. She’s consistent in saying it’s not about me, it’s her own stuff.

I think you need to get to the primary source of your wife’s resistance.

Is it more that she lies there thinking: “I’ve got to make appointments for the kids’ vaccinations tomorrow. Olivia has a recital Thursday afternoon, so I have to arrange to leave work early …”?

Or you can just act on what you’ve read, taking a page from other semi-moribund couples who have been jolted into bed.

Since you applied my suggestion about scheduling sex, I’m going to make another one that I can’t even believe I’m advocating.

Dear Prudie, I am at an impasse with my husband over his recreational pot use.

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