Wii stuck updating

- The default username is either blank or admin and the default password is admin . Close your web browser and check if now you can update your Wii.

Once you are past the login screen, you are able to access (and change) a plethora of configuration options for your router. Note: Some thing might be different depending on the model of your router.

Try changing your country settings on the Wii to something else and try again.

wii stuck updating-88

Thanks for the help, but I've already gone to Nintendo's website, otherwise I wouldn't have posted here.

And the fact that I am not in the US is signified by the fact that my wireless router's model number is not in their database, so I couldn't try that "switch the channel" thing even if I wanted to.

But now that error code is really annoying me, for as I have stated the process actually starts and reaches quarter way before just ending abruptly and giving me the 32007 error code. The spectaor works, but it's like there's no one around when I want to click on any type of brawl. The best thing I can say about the connection is that when I click on my computer, the "Activity" part goes as follows: Packets Sent: 15, 206 (and counting...

but barely)Packets Received: 9, 932 (also counting, barely)Now I could have sworn that back then, the number of packets (whatever these things are) were around 1,000,000 or so, and I have a Wireless connection with a speed of 54.0 Mbps (if someone could tell me what that stands for), which has never done me wrong before.

- Now go to the Wireless tab and under the Basic Wireless Settings there should be the option to change the Wireless Channel. And there are a lot more things you could do to improve the security of your wireless network and performance but for now this should do.

Now, just as a reminder, seeing as how I can't stress this enough, I don't live in the US, so most techniques won't work with me.

Again I don't know how the internet works in America, but that's what it's like here.

Now, I'm hoping you all can explain everything to me as easily as possible, and to make each step basic and simple, as well as to always keep in mind that I have no knowledge of anything to do with this, so don't assume I'll always know what you're talking about. And again, has everyone been able to download the update succesfully?

Mine gets to the quarter way mark before that infamous error quote that makes me roar with rage.

Alright, I have a Linksys router too, and mine works perfectly.

However, each time I try to update my system, I get the error code 32007.

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