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Again I don't know how the internet works in America, but that's what it's like here.Now, I'm hoping you all can explain everything to me as easily as possible, and to make each step basic and simple, as well as to always keep in mind that I have no knowledge of anything to do with this, so don't assume I'll always know what you're talking about. And again, has everyone been able to download the update succesfully?I've been getting really paranoid, thinking that Nintendo or my Internet provider just likes to toy with me and get me riled up.

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Now I'd just like to know if anyone else hasn't been able to download the update. Also, while I have an American Wii, I do not live in America, so please don't give me stuff like "turn your channel to 1 or 11" because I don't even know what that means.

Because if anyone else is having trouble than I can rest easy thinking it's probably because Nintendo's servers are overcrowded or something. I don't know how the Internet works over in the States, but the only channels I'm aware of are the ones on TV.

But now that error code is really annoying me, for as I have stated the process actually starts and reaches quarter way before just ending abruptly and giving me the 32007 error code. The spectaor works, but it's like there's no one around when I want to click on any type of brawl. The best thing I can say about the connection is that when I click on my computer, the "Activity" part goes as follows: Packets Sent: 15, 206 (and counting...

but barely)Packets Received: 9, 932 (also counting, barely)Now I could have sworn that back then, the number of packets (whatever these things are) were around 1,000,000 or so, and I have a Wireless connection with a speed of 54.0 Mbps (if someone could tell me what that stands for), which has never done me wrong before.

It takes 10 minutes to update, but in the end, I get the update. Try unplugging your router, or disconnect from the router on your Wii and reconnect. First you need to enter to your router settings and configure some things there, to do this: - Open your Web Browser (IE, Opera, Firefox,etc).

- Type on the adress bar This will take you to a popup box which asks you to enter a username and password.

And due to this, Nintendo's customer service isn't going to do me much good (as in, no good whatsoever) so that is a moot point as well.

I'm really hoping that I'm worrying about nothing here, so if anyone can help out please :) ...

Thanks for the help, but I've already gone to Nintendo's website, otherwise I wouldn't have posted here.

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