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Now, not that I think the phone business was that busy, but, inadequate staff who did not want to take orders.

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It tasted like it had been just dumped from the can and heated and dipped on our plates. Also about a year ago I stopped at this same store and had to send my food back because it was very under cooked and I was not the only person who was sending their food back that day.

I think this store needs help to bring the food quality up to Cracker Barrel standards.

The 2nd time I ordered within a few weeks, I checked the food before I left, guess what, it would have been the wrong order again.

Thought I would share this with people for this location.

It was very busy on Sunday, 3/5 and waited at least an hour to be seated.

It was nice that you can shop while waiting to be seated. The waitress was very nice and the Manager even stopped by our table to see if we were enjoying ourselves and happy with our visit. My husband had the fried chicken with mash potatoes and cabbage. Once seated the waitress took our order within a few minutes.

Starting at PM CST I attempted to reach your Casyeville Il location to place an order for carry out.

At PM after 13 attempts because the line remained busy, I gave up.

There is a large property for sale at the south end of Piketon that would be perfect for Cracker Barrel to build a store.

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