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Now the story: I was between boyfriends for four months now and was starting to feel the loneliness, I did not want the complications of a relationship, just some friendly company at home.

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K9 (Canine) dating website eliminates that waste of time for our members.

On the K9za dating website, you are guaranteed to meet potential partners that accept that you and your pet are a package deal.

I decided to be the successful business women, but this had both advantageous and disadvantageous.

On the one hand I was in total control of my own life, I could buy my own things and was completely independent, but on the other hand it was not so good for relationships so it was lonely at times.

I had a few good relationships, the longest of which was six months and sex was part of all those relationships.

This choice also had an impact on friendships with women, for some reason it is difficult for other women to accept a successful business women as a close friend.

I agreed but asked if I could bring Zeus, she said“I wouldn’t have it any other way”That Friday afternoon, she picked Zeus and I up in her pickup, her highly trained dog Thunder (Golden Labrador) was also in the truck, and off we went to the ranch.

After settling in, Emma poured us both a wine and we sat on the porch with a beautiful view of the ranch and where we could watch our dogs play.

We had lengthy conversations which inevitably lead to sex.

By this time we were both a little light headed from the wine and in that state people are not shy to share.

”Blushing a little I replied“Of course, I even got myself a dido”I couldn’t believe I just told her that.“There are more creative and fun ways of getting off you know”“Creative? ”This Animal sex story was exclusively written for smiled and said she wanted to show me something.

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