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The rule you mention involves final sounds all of which contain either an 'S', a 'Z', a 'SH', a 'ZH', a 'DG' or a 'CH' after which it is obviously rather impossible to pronounce either 'S' or 'Z', so what happened was that the original ES was retained and not shortened as in all other cases.

A similar phenomenon applied to the alternation between T/D and ED in the past tenses of verbs: consider LOVED (LUVD), KISSED (KIST) as opposed to WAITED: it is simply impossible to pronounce WAITT, so here too the original ED was retained.

mosses, dozes, mashes, mélanges, ditches, George's. To appreciate the distinction between voiceless and voiced, an intervocalic environment is best, e.g.

Never lie in your profile as you will always get found out in the end.

So you can see from the above example how I have taken a few key attraction qualities or power words, and turned them into the basis of a strong profile that describes who I am as a person.

Once you have a basic understanding of these two principles you can craft your profile to get far more attention than you may have in the past. your online dating presence is based almost entirely on words with the exception of your personal picture.

The words that you use convey everything about you to the reader.

Learners of English should avoid dividing words at the end of a line, especially in formal writing, such as business correspondence, resumes, examination papers, and essays.

Division of words at the end of a line makes the text more difficult to read, and the divided words may look strange and may even cause wrong associations.When a single person of the opposite sex does a search at an online dating site or online dating service they do so with some anticipation of finding their ideal mate.Usually most of us have high expectations of who that person is.Load your profile full of attraction qualities and eliminate any of your repelling qualities.Think carefully about the words you use in your profile as it is the key to your success in online dating!You will attract attention from others based almost entirely on the words you use in your profile so it is essential that you select your words with great care.

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