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Learners of English should avoid dividing words at the end of a line, especially in formal writing, such as business correspondence, resumes, examination papers, and essays.

Division of words at the end of a line makes the text more difficult to read, and the divided words may look strange and may even cause wrong associations.

Once you have a basic understanding of these two principles you can craft your profile to get far more attention than you may have in the past. your online dating presence is based almost entirely on words with the exception of your personal picture.

The words that you use convey everything about you to the reader.

The reason is phonological conditioning, which applies not only to the pronunciation of plural nouns but also to that of third person singular present tense and of possessives. If the last sound is voiced (and not a sibilant), the pronunciation is voiced /z/, e.g. If you just say the voiced endings as part of isolated words, they will not sound fully voiced.

By conditioning is meant the fact that the last sound of a word influences the pronunciation of its "-s" form. If the last sound is a sibilant, an extra syllable must be added, e.g. If the last sound is voiceless (and not a sibilant), the pronunciation is voiceless /s/, e.g. tabs, decides, pegs, Gill's, roars, Jim's, keens, kings, thieves, teethes, peas, bays, fairies, etc. This is because your stopping speaking causes your vocal cords to stop vibrating, and partial devoicing occurs.

Using this type of approach will attract far more interest from people than using bland non-descriptive words.

Again let me point out that you must actually possess the qualities that you use as your power words.

If you do not then you will eventually be found out.

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