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Things such as the victim's appearance, intelligence, mannerisms, education, background, past offences, etc. When used in this manner, the effectiveness of a taunt at provoking a response varies depending on how the specific insult relates to its victim (or their sense of self), to what level of offence they regard the taunt, and how well the victim can control their emotions when responding.

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The gesture earned a great deal of national notoriety in the NFL during the 1999 season in which several players did the cutthroat gesture.

The dickhead gesture is made by holding a hand to one's forehead, the thumb and fingers usually forming a "C" shape, and then moving the hand forward and backward in an arc.

The crotch-grab is done almost exclusively by males.

It is, as the name suggests, a grabbing (or one-handed cupping and lifting) of the penis and testicles - usually through clothing.

The image suggested is a large penis growing out of the forehead.

A more insulting form is where the thumb and finger are brought closer together so the gap between them is smaller and more elongated with the hand moved in the same manner.

It can also mean "Victor" in some countries, which is not to be mistaken for the "Peace" gesture.

The "Peace" gesture is done with the palm facing the recipient of the gesture.

Novine su skupe, poljubi me u dupe.", which means: "Catch me, catch me, [if you do that] I'll buy you a newspaper.

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