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Ever since I was a schoolboy and was attacked and abused by a group of girls during a break time at school the experience has been the subject of my fantasies I was held down by the girls and my pants were removed.They were all daring each other to touch my cock and in the end they each had a feel, one after the other.

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He was kinda smiling too, not really paying attention.

But they seem to talk to each other like that every day.

But after that she has been kinda avoiding me like it made things awkard.

I'm going to use a ginger root in my asshole to make it burn, never tried it before.

I am generally a nice person so it is hard to anger me.

I am all for feeding your fetish of feet but do not expect me to return the favor.2.

If I see pictures of feet I get nauseous and just have to close whatever tab I'm in.

The most I wear is chapstick, but I love experimenting with other makeup.5.

Guess she didnt know i was in there because she came out into her room naked and i was staring at her and she kinda gasped and went back in the bathroom and came back out again with a towel around her.

I wonder if it is because those relationships i did have were so stressful and negative with all the power struggles and bullshit that comes along with it that i just want to distance myself from the whole thing.

But for the people who enjoy short hair enjoy it while it lasts.

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