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But for the people who enjoy short hair enjoy it while it lasts.

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If I see pictures of feet I get nauseous and just have to close whatever tab I'm in.

The most I wear is chapstick, but I love experimenting with other makeup.5.

If this site works well for me I shall buy a new one but for now my laptop only has a built in cam that broke when I dropped it.6.

Do not push me towards anything because I will be less likely to do it.

But after that she has been kinda avoiding me like it made things awkard.

I'm going to use a ginger root in my asshole to make it burn, never tried it before.

If convinced maybe I'll do things with lipstick but I have always been told my lips are a perfect shade of pink so I don't need it and I just do not like applying it.

I am doing this because I enjoy my body and I will do as I please.

i've hung around gay people just to test the waters and allowed myself into certain situations which i knew would leave me vulnerable.

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