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Adherents are primarily affluent families, rich in history and scandal.

Both generally follow a single creed whose core beliefs include the following concepts: The belief that an individual can ascend to godhood.

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The will to power is the primary driving force of man.

The individual seeks to master all things within its domain, exerting the direction of power (efficacy) while other individuals do the same, often in opposition.

Neo-Sarkic cults notably diverge from this interpretation, regarding Ion with a certain amount of indifference.

Their only concern is apotheosis, to become like the gods through the acquisition of power, the development of skill, and the severing of ethical tethers that limit the potential of the individual.

Adherents ultimately believe that this parasitic relationship (whether literal or allegorical) is the primary source of their thaumaturgical abilities.

Among Proto-Sarkic cults, this appears to manifest as the sacrifice of the self for the benefit of the many; Neo-Sarkic cults, in stark contrast, believe in the sacrifice of the many for the benefit of the individual.Will is to power as form is to matter; in turn, "desire is the measure of all things"The sacramental consumption of a god.Sarkicism holds that there are many gods in the universe (none of which they worship) and that these entities can be "devoured" in some fashion.Most Proto-Sarkic sects believe that Ion has achieved or is in the process of achieving apotheosis and, upon the completion of his metamorphosis, will destroy this "flawed, stillborn" universe and remake it into a paradise known as the “”, where the many will at long last know salvation and joy "beneath rose-colored skies".Though other sects have been discovered that believe that Ion is dead, having martyred himself to protect humanity from the machinations of the gods.It appears that Sarkicism regards Grand Karcist Ion (and to a lesser extent, his Klavigar) as a being who has undergone apotheosis.

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