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For the Neo-Sarkite, it almost appears that if one had the ability to usurp Ion - it is their right (if not duty) to do so.

While this document aims to recognize and correct previous errors, "Sarkic" (and its derivatives) remain a normative part of the Foundation lexicon.

Ultimately, it is feared that the Foundation and GOC know only a fraction of what Sarkicism entails and what its followers intend.

The will to power is the primary driving force of man.

The individual seeks to master all things within its domain, exerting the direction of power (efficacy) while other individuals do the same, often in opposition.

It appears that Sarkicism regards Grand Karcist Ion (and to a lesser extent, his Klavigar) as a being who has undergone apotheosis.

For the Proto-Sarkite, apotheosis will be achieved in time and only through Ion.Muscle suffers damage, only to heal and become stronger than before; the same can be said for the mind, through developing toleration against conventionally inconceivable things - cycles of destruction and regeneration.Strife, according to Sarkicism, is the greatest of tutors.Adherents are primarily affluent families, rich in history and scandal.Both generally follow a single creed whose core beliefs include the following concepts: The belief that an individual can ascend to godhood.Adherents ultimately believe that this parasitic relationship (whether literal or allegorical) is the primary source of their thaumaturgical abilities.

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