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NATO is pledged to a mutual protection of the North Atlantic area.

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COM Z is a highly important subordinate command of the United States Army, Europe.

Its mission is to support that Army, the bulk of whose combat forces are in Germany.

Attila, the Hun, tried to capture it in 451 -- and was defeated by its stout-hearted citizens. Wherever you go in France, past history rises up to capture your interest and stimulate your imagination.

Poitiers, where 1200 years ago, Mohammedan armies were halted in their march through western Europe; La Rochelle, the little harbor that for centuries has sheltered courageous fishermen and explorers; Bordeaux, center of a great wine-growing country and of gracious living. Five years ago, when the Communists launched their armed aggression against the Republic of Korea, one vital aspect of the worldwide conspiracy centering in the Kremlin became clear: If Communism cannot win by its customary intrigue, subversion and trickery, it will be quite willing to use armed force-particularly its stooge armiesto gain its ends, even at the risk of another world war.

When the Communists' purposes began to be clear to the free world, steps were taken to halt further aggression.

The Communist world, behind its iron curtain, is arrayed in a semicircle that stretches down through the Balkans.

One of the most critical situations that can arise in armed conflict is when a commander finds his supply lines broken.

Let us look for a moment at the situation of our American Forces in Europe -- where they are, why they are here, and how they, are supplied.

It is equally unportant to know something about the country in which it is located.

You should know, for instance, that although Paris is French, it is not "France." Paris is a concentrated essence of French history, art, music and drama -- and the French flair for life.

A piece of artillery without shells is nothing but junk. In many an action during past wars, armies have lost the chance of victory because vital supplies had been expended and new supplies had not yet reached the front.

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