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When I see couples fight & realize I don’t have to deal with any of that bullshit, because I’m free, bitches!

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The co-stars rarely talked about their romance in the press.

In fact, the only reason anyone knew they were together was because they were spotted walking hand-in-hand at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

According to IMDb, he was a producer and screenwriter on the Nicholas Sparks' adaptation , which featured none other than George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and it was directed by Jodie Foster.

If that's not enough star power for you, he's worked on other projects including the Matthew Mc Conaughey film, While Linden has a Twitter account, which also includes a link to his IMDb page in the bio, he's not incredibly active — at least not on social media. He's already slated to write the 2019 sci-fi movie starring Daisy Ridley, David Oyelowo, and Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland.) Linden is, however, followed on Twitter by big names like Mindy Kaling and Ellen De Generes.

Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that.”It sounds like their split was amicable, and Gosling has since moved on — he has two children with Eva Mendes.

Based on the pregnancy reports now surrounding Mc Adams, clearly she's also moved forward.

Without further ado, Zooey's 2012 to-date list: Joseph Gordon-Levitt--he's the world's youngest curmudgeon.

If he's anything like that in real life, we'd love to see him on Zooey's arm, scowling and skewering Hollywood fluff at every event she attends. That's a good start, I think--but what other Zooey-worthy men would you nominate? Have You Seen Zooey Deschanel's Latest Nail Art?

star is looking forward to some post-breakup downtime (including, perhaps, even a day or two where she doesn't look immaculately put-together), I couldn't resist thinking ahead to some potential new flames.

Note to the 700 boys I know who are obsessed with ZD: you didn't make it this time, but never lose hope.

which means the judge is trying to get both sides to reach an agreement to avoid trial.

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