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“It’s because I’m Zulu,” he lamented as we walked down the dusty road to a rugby tournament. Without the Xhosa initiation ceremony, I am not even a man to them! “That’s rough, man,” Larry comforted in laconic male fashion.

In South Africa, there are eleven official languages, and as many and more ethnic groups with distinct customs, cultural heritage, and collective consciousness.

As long as there is a marriage certificate obtained either from Home Affairs or from the Priest of the Church, the marriage is valid. READ MORE: When the bride arrives at the groom’s family’s house, she has to walk around the house.

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Even brief online research reveals the depth of meaning that this ritual has for those who practice it: Being a Xhosa man is very special and unique all because of the initiaion process.

Nothing needs to be changed in what ever that is being done.

The bride is not allowed to look back as she heads towards the groom’s home.

The bride leaves early in the morning towards the groom’s residence.

They also wear what modern, urban people would consider “old fashioned clothes” including blazers and tweed and roaring twenties style hats.

They wear these clothes for six months to display to the world their new status. ) accounts of this ritual, click HERE and HERE) I was in the city of Cape Town in 2009; this practice was still prevalent, despite its modern, urban setting.

And though he could understand and speak Xhosa well enough (Zulu is to Xhosa what Quebecois is to French, or perhaps even more similar) his cultural heritage was different.

Especially when it came to male initiation ceremonies.

So there is reciprocity as far as money is concerned.

The bride’s mother will give her daughter a blanket to cover herself as she leaves home.

My mom says that in most cases people prefer to have the white wedding before the traditional one.

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